Hydroponic Home Décor - One Lab Pot

  • Hydroponic Home Décor - One Lab Pot
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Hydroponic Home Décor - One Lab Pot - It's time for better living through chemistry! We've sourced for you a range of beautiful laboratory pots also known as hydroponic pots to make vases and tabletop displays of flowers, fronds, and stems. Hydroponic Home Decor Pots will beautify and purify any home, bedroom, kitchen, or office. You can plant small plants in those round laboratory tubes, set in iron and wooden industrial frames. Small chip stones in those minimalist floral home decorations will add nice texture and colours. Made of recycled metal, glass and wood they will be an amazing addition to any home, kitchen, bedroom or office. 7.8x7.8x18.5 (cm)

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